To be special

in someone’s arms

who loves me

even with all of my scars

sing a song to me

on your guitar

don’t leave me

in the dark

if your not that far

hear me like a lark

let my voice

echo to your ears

together we have no fears

I promise not

to grind your gears

I sure hope you have

a beard

and lots of hair

kiss me if you dare

I know the two of us

will care very much

about one another

surely like no other


Time To Breath

I haven’t been able to write

I don’t know why

now it just

doesn’t feel

as right


I couldn’t say

I’ve made plenty

of mistakes

but I can no longer

keep my secrets here

at least for now

I’ll stay

I’m not going anywhere

but I need you

to be patient

I’ll be back soon

their are just


I need to do

Unexplainable Theory

Men often take
What is
For granted
Because they know
They can’t have it
He brought
Into my life
And then
Ran away
What more did I
Have to say?
How can you
Be a man of god
When you
Won’t even open
Your own heart?
How much more
Of me
Must I let you
Pick apart?
I know
Of isolation
I know
We’ve got
That in common
But how can you
Not see the angel
In front of you?
All I wanted
Was to be there
For you
I said
Was true
You even
Crawled on
Your knees
When I ignored you
Open up your eyes
Let yourself feel
What is inside

Damn Well Worth it

Her head is full


so many


her heart

is tied up

in a knot

green eyes

can’t tell

a truth from

a lie

tears wasted

on pain

that doesn’t


such a shame



was wrong

as the rain


to pour

she cannot be sure

so much confusion

for no reason

what a fool

to think you found the one

when all he ever did

was make you glum


can’t stand the fun

so they treat you



I’m done running

so please

just give me


I’m not perfect

but I’m damn well

worth it

Sunlight & Grace

Anxious feet

tired faces

who would have thought

I’d be here of all


I’m not one

to run the races

I’d much rather stroll

end up somewhere

I’d never know

a vast ocean

the moon

in the sky

I really wish

I’d find the right guy

a woman so young

can only

do what can be done

I know my eyes

see more then

those who cry


I’m not that shy

when the songbird

sings her


you’ll never believe

what you’ll start to see



her body and face

she is made of grace


My feelings
For you
Have faded
My faith in you
Is jaded
You have
For others
I bet you
Don’t even have
Any brothers
I’m done with
Your idiocy
You may be
A man of God
But you lack
Intelligence of others
And understanding
I will not
Care for you
Any longer
Compared to you
I am much stronger

Make You Happy

I am
Made of
From afar
But do you see it?
Could my universe
Be what
Is trying
To tell you
To look into?
This is a chance
Of a lifetime
Not a waste of time
Break the wall
Between us
Give me
I know
I make
Your heart
Beat faster
God brought us
So lets make the
Most of it
Loose the confusion
The compassion
Your meant
To be something
To me
Not an illusion
Or some kind of
You know as well as I
So please
Prove something to me
Don’t be shy
I know you’ve gained
Respect for me
But what I don’t think
You realize
Is that I
Hold the
And I could make you
If only
You’d let me

You Would Know

She sat with her tea

not coffee


waited for the

sun to appear

a great

pain in her chest

she looked like

quite a mess

but she had

nothing to fear

for fallen


look just like

you and me

we sit and sip

on our tea

our eyes weak

and weary

if your anything

like me

you’ll just laugh

at yourself

to make your face


with a smile

like no ones ever seen

its hard to be

someone like me

so full of adventure

and dreams

if I had a child

I’d sing it to sleep

if you’d listen to who I say I am

and tried to understand

you’d know

I’m not like the rest

you’d know

it’s easy to take my hand

but even harder to let me go

You’d know

Admitted Attraction

Sinful thoughts

grasp your mind

as you see me

like you do

some of the time

my dress of turquoise green

your eyes of blue

starring at me


you say

as you realize your mistake

seeing such a beauty

that is no longer

your’s to take

unless you work

just like you do



it’s gotta be

in a different way

you need to hear what I say

you need to call me

when you can

if you want

you can call me today

you know me

it’ll be okay

just say anything

that comes to mind

but make sure you mean it

because for me

it’ll be hard

to believe it