Say What You Wanna Say, Let The Words Fall Out, Honestly, I Wanna See You Be Brave

My nose has been itching like crazy 

and I have also been sneezing 



some fool is most likely thinking about me

and I don’t really care who 

but I’ve just about had enough of this nose itching thing 

you wanna converse with me? please do 

I don’t wait for anyone 

and I’m sure as hell not waiting for you 

so speak up bucko 

I’ve been watching a lot more of the cooking channel 

and my obsession with seafood has gotten ummm

bigger haha

pretty sure my eyes light up whenever I see a fish 

on television and not on television 

I don’t mean to be rude but 

where are all the real men? 

like the men that actually want to commit and not just fuck around?

I’m just sick of these jackasses that think they can just fuck around with a woman and leave 

I mean grow the fuck up dumbass 

sex is only good when your in love or you really care about each other 

I’m off sex for now 

until I just happen to meet someone who wants to love me and stay 

I’m done giving it all away for the stupid acceptance 

that ill never get 

okay one day 

I’ll get it 

but accepting myself is the best thing I can do

since mostly 

it’s them and not so much me 

I’ve gotta go make some pizza 

talk to ya’ll later 


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